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Here at ICG, we provide a wide variety of services and so we have a very comprehensive and rich portfolio. Dive right in and explore the products we have to offer. Oh and by the way, we have many more under development too !

Immigration - ICG Globe

For immigration related services ICG (licensed under IOIO Immigration Consulting Services Ltd.) has a dedicated website @ . We assist clients with all sorts of visa applications and provide pre-landing and post-landing services too.

ICG Globe website

Education Platform - Scholarist

Scholarist is a language learning school enabling any interested student to learn languages at the comfort of staying at home with the most qualified teachers

Scholarist- learning platform

Chatting Platform - OI Chat

Tired of thousand different apps for everything ? OI Chat is mobile app in development for chatting, video calling as well as making payments. Available for both iOS & Android

OIChat - chatting platform

Logistics & Courier Service - Express 39

Express 39 is our courier business where we offer importing/exporting services from China to Canada at the best rates. We are also working on adding more countries to our network

Express 39 - Courier services

School Admissions - ICG Schools

ICG Schools is our website for Cantonese speakers. Outlining our immigration and education business for potential immigrants to Canada, this website is hand-made for people in Hong Kong, China etc.

ICG Schools - Cantonese website
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