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Our Portfolio

Here at ICG, we provide a wide variety of services and so we have a very comprehensive and rich portfolio. Dive right in and explore the products we have to offer. Oh and by the way, we have many more under development too !

IOIO Immigration Services Ltd.

For immigration related services ICG (licensed under IOIO Immigration Consulting Services Ltd.) has a dedicated website @ ICG Globe and ICG Schools are subsidiaries of IOIO.

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ICG Globe

ICG Globe is dedicated website for English users where we have outlined different kinds of services we provide. This includes pre and post landing services like booking tickets, renting accommodations etc,

School Admissions - ICG Schools

ICG Schools is our website for Cantonese speakers. Outlining our immigration and education business for potential immigrants to Canada, this website is hand-made for people in Hong Kong, China etc

Super App - OI Chat

Tired of thousand different apps for everything ? OI Chat is a super app in development for mobile platforms. It can be used for chatting, video calling as well as making payments and would be available for both iOS & Android

Education Website - Scholarist

Scholarist is a language learning school enabling any interested student to learn languages at the comfort of staying at home with the most qualified teachers

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